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Cellply wins the Gaetano Marzotto prize

ROME, ITALY, November 22, 2018:

Cellply has been awarded with the prestigious Gaetano Marzotto prize and received an €300,000 grant and an assistance programme from the CUOA Business School. The award ceremony was held at the MAXXI museum in Rome. The Company Prize awarded to Cellply comes after a tough selection process, as more than 600 companies applied to the competition.

During the ceremony, Cellply was also awarded with the Unicredit StartLab Special Prize, a programme providing coaching, training and support to high-tech startup companies.

The jury selected Cellply for the motivation, high competence and commitment of its team having the ambition to make a change in the way cancer patients are treated worldwide and in speeding up the drug development process. The project, if successful, will have the potential to demonstrate the quality and value of Italian research and entrepreneurship.

Cellply develops an innovative in-vitro diagnostic system to predict the efficacy of anticancer drugs with a personalized test that analyzes the in-vitro drug response of living cells quickly obtained from patient biopsies.

The Gaetano Marzotto prize, at its 8th edition, aims at looking for new business people and builders of the future who are able to combine innovation, business and social impact.


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