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Easyrain i.S.p.A Press Release

Pordenone, 29 October 2018

Easyrain i.S.p.A, an Italian engineering startup company that develops advanced safety devices for the automotive market is happy to announce the onboarding of new investors to develop an innovative technology to address the problem of aquaplaning. The system under development drastically reduces the risk of often fatal accidents caused by aquaplaning while also increasing present-day safety levels in hazardous driving conditions, improving performance on wet asphalt. Its inventor, Giovanni Blandina, has designed and patented a car-integrated device consisting of injectors fitted in front of the tires and activated by control software with no need for additional sensors. The device can detect when the vehicle starts to plane and slides out of control on particularly wet road surfaces. Excess water is removed by means of high pressure’s jets of fluid, and with a fast reaction time, vehicle control is immediately restored. The system can be installed in any vehicle and is designed for all driving condition and it will also be recommended for autonomous vehicles. The new financial resources needed to complete the project through a capital increase in two € 5 million instalments come from two investors: Indaco Ventures I, a fund managed by Indaco Venture Partners SGR, the leading player on the Italian capital venture scene for investments in new technologies, and from Aldo Bianchi Vimercati, an entrepreneur with many years of experience in the automotive components and mechatronics sector. The project was launched at the Technological Hub in Pordenone and was then developed at I3P, an incubator for innovative companies at the Polytechnic University of Turin: tests and feasibility studies were conducted in team with the Faculty of Engineering at Polytechnic University of Milan and Turin. Easyrain has received many awards to date: among these, the Corporate Venture Forum Award 2015, Car Innovation 2016, Marco Polo Accelerator Program H-Farm & QWos2017, China Awards China Foundation 2017, and innovative company at the Frankfurt Automechanika Fair in 2016. In April this year, a scientific paper was published by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and the company was selected as one of the speakers at the Detroit WCX World Congress Experience, the leading and most prestigious scientific event for the international automotive industry.

“It is a pleasure for us to be part of this project” commented Alvise Bonivento, Investment Director at Indaco Venture Partners,” which is based on solid technological foundations and aligned to the Italian tradition of innovation in the automotive sector. We believe that the Easyrain solution has a great potential to reduce the number of accidents during adverse driving conditions and can therefore become a key to safer and increasingly more functional cars.”

For Giovanni Blandina, “For Easyrain this is a particularly important achievement that comes after years of hard work calling for increasingly greater efforts. The injection of new financial resources is the necessary lever for the company’s future development, as is the arrival of experts who strongly believe in and support the project, which is fundamental in achieving the ambitious objectives we have set ourselves. Of course, having created Easyrain from scratch and having overcome all the typical hurdles of a start-up over these years is a source of great satisfaction for me at this time. Focusing on the future, I am very grateful to everyone who helped us achieve this fundamental objective and to our new partners, Indaco Venture Partners and Aldo Bianchi Vimercati for having believed in the Easyrain project”.

For Aldo Bianchi Vimercati, “safe driving has been at the centre of attention of carmakers for years, becoming one of the crucial areas and it is where most of the research investments are directed in order to constantly improve standards. Over the years, car manufacturers and the general public increased their sensitivity towards more advanced technologies and new higher-performing devices and applications. We believe that this sensitivity is bound to grow further and, in this context, Easyrain will be able to offer a solution to a problem that is as yet unresolved.”

Easyrain i.S.p.A.


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