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Milan, May 30th 2024 – Indaco Venture Partners is pleased to announce its first technology transfer investment into MicThera SRL. This investment of EUR1 million, divided in tranches, will serve to support and accelerate the hit to lead transition of microbial derived assets targeting oncological indications.

MicThera, harnesses the power of beneficial microorganisms to create innovative treatments. The seed investment from Indaco Bio Fund will be used to develop new therapies to treat oncological diseases, building upon the world class oncology research performed by the three founders, Prof. Andrea Alimonti, Dr. Nicolò Pernigoni and Prof. Arianna Calcinotto.

We are selectively scouting qualified technology transfer projects as part of our investment strategy. In MicThera we have found a promising mix of scientific validation and therapeutic potential that has convinced us to support a talented team to start their entrepreneurial journey“, highlighted Davide Turco, Partner and Managing Director of Indaco Venture Partners.

Nicolò Pernigoni, co-founder and Executive Director of MicThera, said “Our goal at MicThera is to translate cutting-edge microbial research into tangible oncology treatments that can significantly improve patient outcomes. We are committed to leveraging the power of beneficial microorganisms to pioneer new therapeutic approaches“.

MicThera builds upon expert research conducted by Prof. Alimonti’s group and offers multiple opportunities for developing uniquely groundbreaking microbial derived therapeutics that explore novel approaches for prostate cancer. MicThera will continue to maintain close collaborations with Istituto Oncologico di Ricerca (IOR, Bellinzona), ensuring the ongoing translation of this second-to-none research into novel therapeutics, providing hope to oncology patients worldwide” said Goncalo Rebelo de Andrade, Partner at Indaco Bio Fund and Chairman of MicThera SRL, a Lodi-based company.

About MicThera

MicThera is a pioneering startup, fusing science and innovation, that harnesses microbiota’s power to develop bacterial-derived therapeutics to enhance prostate cancer therapies. The research reveals that prostate cancer treatment impacts gut microbiota negatively, while patients with good prognosis exhibit higher levels of favorable bacteria, emphasizing the critical link between patient survival and gut microbiota composition. MicThera is investigating bacterial effector molecules generated by favorable bacteria species, harnessing the power of beneficial microorganisms to create innovative treatments, to be developed as potential therapeutic.

About Indaco Venture Partners SGR

Indaco Venture Partners SGR is one of the largest independent Italian venture capital asset management companies, with over EUR370 million in assets under management, focused on companies that innovate in electronics, robotics, new materials, medtech, biotech – pharma and digital. Indaco Bio Fund (around EUR100 million) is exclusively dedicated to investing in the development of innovative pharmacological therapies, across all therapeutic indications but with particular attention to Oncology, CNS, Ophthalmology, Metabolic diseases, Virology, and Infectious diseases. Indaco is focused on the Italian Biotech sector with select investments in other European countries, USA, Canada, and Israel.