242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

First Investment Date

TTV: May 2013
AV: October 2014


TT Venture
Atlante Ventures


Napoli, Italy


Electronics, Semiconductor, Software

Investment Status

TTV: Exited June 2021
AV: Exited June 2021

Cogisen developed an AI cognitive modelling technology to extract meaning, intent, and context from video and other inputs, building applications for mobile and social, autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things.

Cogisen operates in a fast-growing market for data compression applications and holds a strong proprietary IP and technology.

Both TT Venture (directly and indirectly through TTSeed Srl) and Atlante Venture funds invested in the company. Cogisen was acquired by a major technology company from Silicon Valley in June 2021 .