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iCoolhunt is a pioneering proponent of innovative services that provide brand owners and their key advisors with rich, timely and objective information about the drivers of change in consumer lifestyles and behavior.

As a first mover in the use of artificial intelligence for predictive monitoring of emerging consumer trends, iCoolhunt brings a fully-fledged scientific approach to a traditionally opinion-led industry.

The company developed Nextatlas, the world’s first independent data intelligence platform capable of aggregating and analyzing relevant information generated by digital era trendsetters for the early identification, comprehension and forecasting of consumer trends.

Nextatlas is a unique, end-to-end data platform leveraging proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence methodologies to detect new trends that are statistically likely to become mainstream.

It empowers brand owners, as well as those managing today’s brand ecosystems with the possibility of taking informed decisions, by allowing them to directly source intelligence deriving from a large base of the world’s most influential creative insiders and to lean on AI to draw robust, actionable inspiration from objective data.

The scientific methodology and powerful data technologies applied by iCoolhunt with Nextatlas support the development of statistically sound assessments and clear statements about what visionary and influential segments in large-scale communities think and prefer.

Founded in 2012 by Italian brothers Luca and Alessio Morena, with scientific laboratories in Turin, and offices also in London, UK, iCoolhunt has addressed the global market of digitally empowered marketing intelligence and trend anticipation services since 2013 with extraordinary capabilities to process big data rooted in science and technology.