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First Investment Date

Indaco Bio: May 2024


Indaco Bio and Indaco Bio Parallel


HQ – Lodi, Italy


Biotech and Pharma


Investment Status


MicThera, building upon the work conducted by leading clinical oncology experts, is a pioneering biotech company headquartered in Lodi, Italy. MicThera is devoted to transforming the landscape of oncological treatments through harnessing microbiota’s power to develop groundbreaking microbial derived therapeutics. The primary focus is to address prostate cancer and delaying the onset of castration resistant prostate cancer, a condition affecting millions of men globally.

Indaco has invested €1 million as sole investor in MicThera’s seed funding round, divided in tranches. This technology transfer investment will accelerate the hit-to-lead transition and support the pre-clinical development of MicThera’s lead drug candidates.

Indaco Bio Fund and Indaco Bio Parallel Fund have invested into MicThera SRL in May 2024.