242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

First Investment Date

September 2012


TT Venture


Como, Italy


New Materials and Cleantech


Investment Status

Exited July 2015

Pilegrowth Tech Srl is a spin-off of the University of Milano Bicocca operating in the semiconductor sector and managed by senior scientists.

The company has developed an innovative technology for the integration of different semiconductors on silicon substrates; it is a platform technology based on a pillar-shaped pattering of the silicon substrate over which different types of semiconductors can be grown.

In 2015 the TT Venture shares of Pilegrowth Srl have been contributed to Ascatron AB, a spin-off of the Swedish research center Acreo that designs and manufactures substrates of silicon carbide SiC for use in the deposition and growth of electronic devices (switches, etc.) and for applications in power electronics, during their Series A investment round.