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Compass is Moneyball for the business world.We empower business leaders to leverage the massive benefit of data driven decision making by providing the missing contextual data to their business performance metrics.We are crowdsourcing business performance data with every business contributing data in exchange for getting access to a wealth of contextual information on their financial and operational metrics. Compass.co is a dashboard providing realtime performance benchmarks on Marketing, Sales and Financial data pulled various APIs (Salesforce/Quickbooks/Google Analytics/etc.). The dashboard helps companies to identify problems, set objectives, allocate their resources and control results. The technology is essentially a “data refinery” or an “analyst in the cloud”. The user puts low value data in and gets high value data back. We are among a new class of technology companies automating today’s slow and expensive business information services companies (e.g. D&B, ConferenceBoard, Gartner, Accenture, etc.). Compass emerged out of Startup Genome, a research project I started with Stanford and Berkley examining reasons for business success and failure. The research is now part of the curriculum of hundreds of Universities.

Our goal is to accelerate the global pace of innovation and reduce the failure rate of businesses.

Compass was acquired by Sage in 2017.