242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249

First Investment Date

October 2014


Atlante Seed


San Francisco, USA



Investment Status

Exited April 2017

Compass empowers business leaders to leverage the massive benefit of data driven decision making by providing the missing contextual data to their business performance metrics. It provides a dashboard with real time performance benchmarks on Marketing, Sales and Financial data using various APIs (Salesforce/Quickbooks/Google Analytics/etc.).

Compass collects business performance data for every business unit that is contributing data in exchange for getting access to contextual information on their financial and operational metrics. The dashboard helps companies to identify problems, set objectives, allocate their resources, and control results. The technology is essentially a “data refinery” or an “analyst in the cloud”. The user puts low value data in and gets high value data back.

In 2017 The Sage Group, appreciating the innovative analytics and benchmarking platform developed by Compass, completed its acquisition.