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Luigi Satragno

Luigi Satragno

Luigi Satragno is a seasoned professional with a distinguished career in the biomedical sector. As an advisor and technical champion, he brings over 30 years of expertise and leadership to the industry.

Luigi’s journey began at the Università degli Studi di Genova, where he served as a contract professor for more than two decades, imparting valuable knowledge in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. He also contributed to the education of radiologists as a contract professor in the School of Specialization in Radiodiagnosis.

His career extended to leadership roles, including Vice President of the Polo Ligure Scienze della Vita (PLSV) and President of Politecmed, where he fostered research and innovation in the biomedical field.

Luigi played a pivotal role at Esaote, serving as Chief Scientific Officer, Executive Committee Member, and Managing Director. His strategic acumen propelled the company to global prominence, impacting research and development, product planning, marketing, clinical affairs, and business development.

His tenure as CEO of HBT S.c.a.r.l. demonstrated his capability in overseeing healthcare joint ventures, focusing on hospital construction and management.

Luigi’s multifaceted career encompasses consultancy, contract teaching, and industry leadership, shaping the future of medical imaging and diagnostics.

As an advisor to our VC fund, Luigi Satragno’s wealth of experience and expertise in the biomedical sector is a valuable asset. His proven track record in innovation and leadership aligns perfectly with our mission to support cutting-edge healthcare technology investments.